Now here’s a fun couple!! We went into the West End and stopped off at the most gorgeous artisan bakery and chocolatier with it’s mismatched crockery, quirky displays, delicious food, and the widest selection of tea I have ever seen.   I can’t think of anything better than having tea, patisseries and chocolate all in one place (yep, it’s still my fave place after shooting this session!).

It was a total fluke that Aneesa and Murtaza chose salmon coloured outfits for the shoot, but they rocked it! Murtaza is a very suave guy and every time I have met him, he never fails to impress with his attire. It turns out he’s always been a bow tie kinda guy, and his sister kindly sent me a picture from his childhood, cute don’t you think?

Aneesa and Murtaza, thank you for a wonderful day, and for sharing your special moments with me.