Where are you based?

I live in a lovely town called Cheadle, Cheshire just near Manchester Airport (which means I can getaway quickly!) 

Are you a professional photographer?

Yes photography is my day job; I am a full time photographer,  and qualified as a Licentiate photographer from the SWPP.

How did you get into weddings?

Nine years ago, my best friend asked me to bring my compact camera to take a few ‘snaps’ at her Registry. I decided to take my dad’s DSLR took lots of photographs, surprised her with some prints the same evening, and she said Zehra can you shoot the 4 day wedding next week please? And that’s how it started….

Do you travel nationally and internationally?

I have shot weddings internationally and often travel to London for weddings however I have decided that for 2016 I will be taking a very limited number of weddings in the South of England and abroad.

What did you study at University?

I graduated from University of Hertfordshire with a BA 2:1 Honours in Software Systems for the Arts and Media. I got to do really cool stuff like stop frame animation with plasticine models, 3D animation with interactive remote controls, storyboarding, filming, studying films (yes watching movies was my homework!), endless hours of editing footage and exploring issues like cyber culture and cyborgs (think Blade Runner from the 80’s!)


How many weddings do you do in a day?

… Definitely…. just one!

What’s your style of photography and why do clients book you?

My clients say they book me because of my experience and professionalism. Take a look at my gallery to see the quality of images in my portfolio. I think you’ll agree that my style is professional, crisp and clean. It’s classic in a twenty-first century way, but it is also romantic and sentimental, and most of all fun!

I like to experiment, and I love to work with big windows, with lots of daylight for the bridal preparations and portraits, and the evening sun for couple portraits. Many of my favourite images are taken in the evening, when the light is soft, romantic, pretty, and flattering, and when my couples are glowing with newly married happiness.

How important is my family to you on my wedding?

Family means a lot to me and I make a special effort to get to know family members through the day remembering as many names as I can. A small thing like this can make a big difference. I’m big on small things, you see, they make up the big things that lead to spectacular memories.

Do you offer cinematography/video?

Unfortunately no I don’t offer cinematography, but am happy to recommend vendors to clients.


How far in advance do we need to book?

The sooner the better! Some dates are very popular especially during the summer, over bank holidays and school holidays.  Just send me a message and I can check if I’m available to shoot your wedding.

What are your prices and what packages do you offer?

Please visit my investment page for more information.

Are you insured?

Yes absolutely. My equipment is insured and I have employment and public liability insurance.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is 50% of the collection price payable by BACS, with the remaining balance payable a month before the Wedding.

Do you have a contract in place?  

Yes definitely, this puts you at ease, and everything is in black and white. If you decide to book I’ll email you with some details I need before drawing up a contract which you would receive online, for you to sign electronically.

How do I book you?

Yay! If you need any more information and to confirm, you can contact me via email, the contact form here, or by phone. After confirming, I would email you about information I need to draw up a contract for you to sign electronically. Once the contract and deposit have been paid, your wedding date is confirmed and secure!

Before the Wedding

Is an engagement (premed) portrait session necessary?

I would highly recommend an Prewed session as it’s a fab way for you to get to know me, get used to the camera, and come away with a beautiful set of images which you can use for the Wedding in the way of a signing book, board, frame, thank you cards, wedding website etc. The Prewed session is also a great practice run- it’s funny but when it comes to posing on the actual Wedding, Brides and Grooms tend to subconsciously ease into a pose without realising it! (I’m a good mentor you see ;)

What if you haven’t shot at my venue before?

That’s totally fine. I’m used to shooting in lots of different environments. I am happy to visit the venue with you prior to the Wedding Day (time and circumstances permitting), and you could use the Prewed session to take your portraits there too.

Wedding Day

What if I hate posing and don’t like my picture being taken?

What is the best time of day to shoot our wedding and Prewed portraits?

How many photographers do you have at a wedding?

Typically I shoot alone, with an assistant to help me with lighting and general duties. Sometimes a wedding calls for a second shooter who covers the Groom preps, portraits, family portraits, and onto the main wedding where the second photographer would cover different angles to me to give more perspective on the day.

Do you still do traditional group shots?

Yes I am more than happy to do these for you. If you have a really long list I would advise you have a Master of Ceremonies or delegate the job to family members to make sure this part of the ceremony runs efficiently.

What if I wear hijab (a veil) but the issue of other women unveiled is a sensitivity?

If your event is segregated and is likely the women are unveiled whether you wear hijab or not I do a crazy thing, and filter and separate your images into different folders, so you and your husband and your dear family members (mahram) can view the images without worrying. I create a ‘girls only’ folder with all the images from the day. 

After the wedding

When will we see our images?

A few days after the wedding I send over some sneak peeks, with the full set following around 8-10 weeks later. I edit every single image, and retouch skin naturally, and meticulous detail takes time, which is why I allow a broader time scale. Sometimes I am able to deliver the images quicker it just depends on how busy the season is going for me.

How many images will we receive from the wedding coverage??

It’s really hard to anticipate how many images I might deliver, but as a guide the number would be around 70-80 images per hour I’m hired for, most of the time it’s a lot more.

Do you edit all the images we receive?

Yep! I edit all the images I give back to you, and everything is high quality, so you can print and use them as you wish.

What format do we receive our images on?

I post out a USB with all your images in high resolution colour, black and white, and a quick-view set which are lower resolution files for you to save to your phone, tablet or upload social media

Can we make prints directly from the images you provide us with?

Of course! The images are yours to print and use as you with, as stated in the terms of the contract.

Can I upload my wedding photos to Facebook, Instagram or other social media once I get the USB drive? Absolutely!

The images are yours to keep and you can use them as you like. I would just kindly request you tag me or credit me so my friends can see how awesome we did on your wedding. 

Album Process

What kind of albums do you offer?

I offer two types of albums, a Luxury Wedding Album and a Contemporary Album. See the Album section for more information on albums

How does the album process work?

As well as the USB Drive, you receive your images on an online gallery where you can select your images with a little heart (a bit like Instagram, Etsy or Pinterest) On my end, I can see which images you have chosen as your favourites so I can begin designing your album. I have a queue system to be fair to all my clients, and I work on albums on a first come first serve basis. I don’t work on albums during busy wedding seasons when I am away from my desk shooting weddings.

How many images can be designed into the album?

The amount of images depends on many factors including how many pages, the type of images etc. I believe in quality over quantity, and would advise not to try and cram in too many images. Keep it clean and let the images do the talking.

Can I customise our package further?

Of course. You are welcome to add products to your chosen collection at any time. I do offer reduced rates when purchasing an album with the Wedding day collection.