Liverpool Prewed Photography

This was my first time exploring Liverpool, and the weather was bright and sunny yet sooooo cold! Marium is a Liverpudlian, and Hassan has worked and spent many a day there so it made sense to capture their Engagement set around the Docks. 

We started shooting by the Hope Street Suitcases sculpture (a fun and quirky tribute to artists and musicians from Liverpool) with Hassan wanting to jump, and push Marium off the brick walls (what a gent right?!). We moved on towards the docks where the red brick structures brought so much warmth to the images, especially since Marium's attire complemented the colouring perfectly.

After walking down towards the River Mersey we captured some late sun portraits with Marium wanting to mimic the Titanic pose, and Hassan wanting to dance the YMCA song! Marium and Hassan were super fun to photograph, and I'm so glad they loved the images.