Hira and Hashim's Walima at Motorcycle Museum Birmingham

Having photographed Hira and Hashim's stunning prewed sets and the Mehndi the week before, Hira and Hashim were super relaxed and confident in front of the camera. You'll see from the portraits that despite the freezing, yep FREEEEZING weather, the newlyweds still had some fun!

As I arrived at the hotel, Hira passed me all her details to shoot. My jaw dropped. Her rings, I'm totally in love! Her delicate diamond set gifted to her by Hashim's parents, the sparkly Jimmy Choo clutch and oh, the Manolo Blahniks, hand dyed in a a warm grey tone (oh lord, there's another story behind these shoes getting lost in the post.!). Did I say 'oh' more than once?! 

We cant forget Hashim, who looked super suave in a velvet Tuxedo, perfect to keep himself and Hira warm, a glossy pair of jet black Gucci shoes, a Rolex timepiece and a classy pair of Mont Blanc Cufflinks.  Let's just say, this couple have taste!

Hira's hair and makeup was style by Shmaela, her look is exactly how I love it, bridal, with a bit of sparkle, yet so so elegant. I love when an artist can achieve all day dewy skin with perfect glowy tones.  I'm sure Hira won't mind me mentioning how she didn't need a single touch up even after twelve hours!

We managed to get a lovely set of images outside, laying lots of towels down to keep the outfits dry. As Hira and Hashim slowly started to freeze, we went indoors to capture some portraits in the warmth of the hotel lobby surrounded by yellow tones from all the lamps. 

At this point, Hashim was dying to get some pictures with the car, so  we left Hira to warm up indoors whilst we went out to show off some some steel,  (he even gave us a 50 metre ride to the spot we were shooting at it was that cold!) 

The dull wet day turned into a bright lit sunset, it was too good an opportunity to miss, so we dragged Hira out (she was getting quite comfortable in the warmth!), and captured some stunning colours with very natural lighting. 

Arriving at the Motorcycle Museum, the gold tones continued in stunning decor. White orchids with glass baubles, pearl and gold detailed napkin rings and gold mosaic candelabras set the scene beautifully.

Hashim is the baby in his family, so when I caught a glimpse of his mum crying as he entered, it was clear how much he really is the apple of his mum's eye.  

Hashim's a super popular guy, so it was lovely to see his close friends, Bart, Faizan and Adam saying such lovely yet also super embarrassing things about him. Notice how poor Hashim has his head in his hands at the Mehndi and the Walima too?!

At every event, Hira's baby brother Raza got the ceremonial knuckle rub and pinched cheeks.  I lvoe the way big brother Hamza mimicks his expression haha.

I'm so blessed with such lovely clients, families are always so hospitable, to the point I'm forced to sit down and eat!  It really makes my job so pleasurable.  This time, I definitely wasn't about to resist, my fave caterer was in town! And to town they had gone! Melt in your mount roast lamb and potatoes, desi style. Yum yum yum. I'm getting hungry writing this! If you haven't tried Sapna's food, it's about time you did! 

My sincerest thanks, to Hashim, Hira and their lovely families for looking after me x
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Venue: The Motorcycle Museum
Caterer and Decor: Sapnas
Outfit: Aisha Imran
Hair and Makeup: Shmaela Artistry
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Rings: Marlow Diamonds, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham