Mehndi Photography in Birmingham.

Here's the fun start to this super cool couple's wedding at Tipu Sultan in Birmingham!

Although it was a cold evening in January, it soon warmed up with the bright colours and warmth radiating from the stunning decor. The groom, Hashim, entered with his entourage or brothers and friends, followed by Hira and her family.  

The line up of dances was incredible in the cosy space, starting with Hira's friends, followed by Hira's brothers and cousins finishing with Hashim's friends completely mocking Hashim's mannerisms and quirks!

We got a few minutes to take a few quick portraits, and I was admiring Hira's jewellery. It turns out there is a story behind her earrings, she was blessed to be wearing her grandmother's precious heirlooms!

Take a peek and let me know what you think! 

Bridal Outfit: Sania Maskatia
Makeup and Hair: Natasha Fozia


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