Maternity Photography


It was honoured when Mohammed contacted me about surprising his wife and mummy to be Wasan with a portrait session to commemorate their pregnancy. Right up until the moment they reached the car park, Wasan had no idea what Mohammed had arranged.  As she stepped out of the car and saw me with the camera, she looked at Mohammed with tears in her eyes!

We were pretty lucky with the weather for March, as it looked like we were in Italy not in West London! Wasan and Mohammed were so well coordinated and Wasan looked stunning, I just had to ask that, at 8 months pregnant, how Mohammed had persuaded Wasan to dress up (I on the other hand would not have budged out of my pj's!).  

Wasan said that since they married two years earlier, they would make sure every weekend they made a point to spend time together, so when Mohammed told her they would be visiting a lovely new park, she didn't think anything of it.  He had even ordered her outfit especially for the shoot! This was the point where my respect for him went sky high, what a romantic!! 

Wasan and Mohammed, I'm so happy to hear that you have given birth to a healthy little boy, I hope I get to meet him soon!