Prewed Photography

Chapter Two: Lost in Austen

Part two of Hira and Hashim’s pre-wedding photoshoot at Trentham Gardens in Stoke taken in early October of last year.

Hira is a huge Jane Austen fan, so for the second half of the shoot we left the forest to take advantage of Trentham Estate’s beautifully manicured gardens and stately grounds.

Although Hira would be wearing traditional Pakistani outfits at her wedding, the bride-to-be had always dreamed of wearing a white wedding dress - so this photoshoot provided the perfect opportunity for Hira to revel in the romance of this grand setting alongside her leading man.

Hira’s outfit started off as a simple white dress but in all the excitement and build-up to the photoshoot, her friend had offered to add a train, a veil and some extra length and volume to the skirt. It was at this point that I have to admit I also got a little bit carried away and before even I knew it, I’d suggested that we arrange a cake and some flowers to make the shoot even more special. The cake was provided by Saffron & Coco and florist, Dalia kindly provided the stunning bouquet, a fresh flower hair piece and buttonholes in the exact colours that Hira had in mind. It’s here I really have to say a massive thanks to Dalia and Malaak for their invaluable help on the day - carrying, setting up and generally offering assistance whenever they could. We all got a really good workout that day but I’m pleased to say it all was worthwhile. Hira looked absolutely breathtaking in her “simple” white dress and Hashim was so dashing in his suit.

Truth be told, we were actually running a little bit behind schedule on this shoot as the couple were delayed in getting to the location. This meant that we had just 1 hour and 15 minutes to set up and take photos in both settings before the gardens closed at 6pm. As time marched on, we were also in danger of losing what little daylight we had left.

But in times of adversity, the first rule of wedding photography is resourcefulness! And so, believe or not, the final shots of the session (which happen to be some of my favourites) were taken just by the car park. It is truly amazing what you can do with candles and a few sets of fairy lights!

Hira and Hashim, both doctors, were such a lovely couple, so happy and full of fun and it was an absolute pleasure to capture them in this beautiful setting.   

Lots of couples I work with decide to invest in these pre-wedding portraits as they provide a little moment of calm for just the bride and groom in the run-up to what can be an incredibly hectic time. I also get asked to do a lot of post-wedding photo shoots, sometimes to celebrate the couple’s first anniversary and sometimes because, one way or another, their photographer didn’t manage to get the portraits they wanted on the day.

Whether a couple decides to go for pre or post wedding portraits, one of the things I love most about these kinds of photoshoots is how intimate they are. On the actual wedding day, there can be so much going on and so many people to worry about that it can all pass you by in the blink of an eye. So what’s wonderful about these portrait sessions is that it gives the couple at the centre of it all time to take stock and really celebrate the start of their new life and their next new chapter together.

To book a portrait, pre wed (or post wed!) session feel free to get in touch.