Surraya and Shahid, Mercure Last Drop Village, Bolton

Surraya and Shahid got married at Mercure Last Drop Village in Bolton. A truly scenic venue set in the hills of Lancashire. For an autumn October wedding the weather was spectacular, with the leaves not quite turning to warm reds and browns.

With charming Shafika as the bridal stylist, it was destined to be a great morning filled with laughter whilst she worked her magic on the bride.Surraya waited patiently for her groom to arrive in his lime coloured Lamborghini to be welcomed by her family and was greeted with a customary milk drink.

Once Shahid made his way into the venue, the religious part of the ceremony began for Surraya.It was an emotional moment and through the day Surraya went from laughing to smiling, frowning to crying and back to laughing and to crying again and I was moved at seeing such a strong bride stay so happy.

The grounds at Last Drop Village are so pretty, and we took a stroll between the iconic Lancashire brickwork.The day ended with an emotional goodbye hymn being sung, echoing the feelings of the women sat around Surraya as they prepared to say their farewells.

Surraya and Shahid, you make a great couple, and I’m so glad to hear you’re as happy now as when you married. I wish you all the best in your marriage x