Photo Credit: Shahed Hussain

Photo Credit: Shahed Hussain

Get to know me

Hey there! I'm Zehra and I was born and bred in London.  I married a Northerner in 2008, and moved to Manchester. My husband Aarif has the strongest Manc accent possible, so all these years later I’m finally getting used to it! I have two children, Laila Yasmin and Hassan Ayaan and they keep me pretty busy, but not so busy that I can’t make space in my life for you.

I believe excellent wedding photography is all about the detail. I adore everything pretty, floral and full of colour but capturing your special relationships is a real buzz. Who else besides me can capture that private moment the first time the groom sees his bride? Who else can capture the glory of bride and groom having a giggle together? And what about that spectacular moment when Dad walks his daughter into the grand hall and he catches her eye? The sparkle in a proud Dad’s eye is a joy to behold.

When a bride hires me for a wedding, I’m good at reading the situation so I can be helpful, funny or comforting, whatever is warranted. You won’t have to worry about me at all. I’ll get on and do my job, and I’ll be looking after you – every way I can.

If you’re planning your wedding and you’re looking for an enthusiastic and passionately romantic photographer, please do get in touch here.